Why The Confederation Bridge Is One Of The Technological Accomplishments of The 20th Century

In the far eastern part of Canada, there exists a wonder that is almost one of the Seven Wonders Of The World and it’s called the Confederation Bridge, spanning 8 miles in total. This awesome bridge is one of the world’s longest over ice covered waters and took 4 years and over $1 Billion to complete in May of 1997. While very controversial before construction, it hasn’t changed the way of life on the islands as much as many had feared and it has increased traffic, tourism and commerce for the Canadian island of Prince Edward.

Before The Confederation Bridge There Were Only Ferries

Prior to the building of the bridge, there were only ferries crossing the distance to the island. While this was sufficient during the summer months for tourism and casual traffic, there were many farmers, business owners, and residents alike that complained about the many days when the ferries couldn’t run because of inclimate weather. Plus, there were the high prices of getting products loaded onto boats and then unloaded back onto trucks that made them uncompetitive in the end.

The bridge uses the box girder type of concrete and steel construction for strength due to its incredible length. Each one of its multi-span sections is technically its own small bridge which makes it stronger and less prone to failure in its entirety. The curves that were included that make it so beautiful are partially there to keep motorists attentive during the crossing for safety. Engineers expect the bridge to last at least 100 years.

Typical Prices For Crossing Are For The Round Trip

Prices are for axle count so most cars are considered to be two axles and the price is $46, then there is an additional axle fee of $7.50 each. Motorcycles can cross for a mere $18.50 and there are plenty of groups that make the trip by motorcycle because of the advantages of viewing the bridge in an unobstructed manner.

Large Bridge PEI

Another great trip that has become a yearly adventure for many groups is crossing by bicycle which only costs $8.75 for the round-trip. The winds can be fairly strong during some parts of the day so caution is advised, but still there are many groups that make the trip in the calm mornings. There are also shuttles that can be taken by pedestrians for $4.25 and these are quite popular with tourists just wanting to cross over the bridge for the day and return.

There are no discounted yearly passes at this time but the subject does get discussed frequently and may become a reality in the future. All major credit cards are accepted and you pay as you leave Prince Edward Island at the bridge plaza in Borden-Carlton, PE.

Those that make the crossing on a daily or frequent basis usually sign up for email or text messages that give constant advisories as to the conditions on the bridge. These are most valuable during the winter months when freezing temperatures, snow, wind and rain can be a hazard. There are instructions to sign up on the website run by the government or at the bridge plaza where you pay for passage.

If you haven’t seen the Confederation Bridge in person it’s a sight to remember but you can get a basic idea from photos on the internet. You might also read some of the reviews written on travel websites because people tend to be quite ecstatic when describing their feelings while crossing. Be sure and bring a camera as the views are spectacular.


How To Find An Animation Company

Finding an animation company may not be an easy task with all the options out there. It is important that you consider several options so that you get a chance to compare which company excels in terms of years of experience, technical skills, rates offered, and the output quality. Once you have compared to the services offered by these companies, it is easy to narrow your choice to 2-3 quality companies from the lot. Making an informed decision becomes much easier from there onwards. This article provides information on finding an animation company.

2D or 3D?

Whether you need a 2D or 3D animation created for your business or website, the same selection procedure applies. The service provider should be technically skilled and creative at the same time. Here is the checklist when it comes to selecting a professional and experienced animation company in your area.

Years in business and have others heard of them?

Though for a company we’ve heard great things about an Animation Toronto company called Hatch Studios. They’ve done some amazing work, which you can from their website. They seem fairly active on Facebook page as well as their Twitter. Also they frequently post new videos on their YouTube channel.

How many years the company has been in business? This is one of the most important factors to consider when picking the right animation company. Is the company reputed in your community? Do they have a permanent address and telephone number? This will help you avoid fly-by-night services in the area. There are many unscrupulous elements operating under the guise of animation companies. This is why you need to verify the company before choosing them to produce your video.

Animation Company

Look at the company’s website. If they are excellent designers, they should have a good web design in the first place. A professional animation and graphic design company will never use templates to build their website. This is one of the best ways to identify the best animation companies in the market. Also, the animation company you plan to hire should have an in-house team of animators and graphic designers. Never hire a company that outsource the work to a third party. Just imagine, you are paying close upon $3000 for the project, and they outsource the work to another company for just $1500. Can you expect a good job from a company like that? This is why you need to choose a company with a permanent physical address and office. It will help weed out the unscrupulous elements from your search. Take a look at a few of these examples.


Make sure to take a look at the portfolio of the company. You may browse the company website for this purpose. When you are browsing the company’s portfolio, take a look at the clients website to see if the animation is published on the website. Most animation companies will show you rejected work as their portfolio. Asking for 2-3 referrals who are satisfied with the work of the animation company is important. Any professional animation company will not hesitate to give you such references. If the company is hesitant to give you the client’s contacts, they may have something to hide from you. Do not hire such an animation company for your projects.

Search online…

The internet is one of the greatest resources to check for high-quality animation companies in your town. Just perform a simple search on Google or any other search engine for this purpose. You may find dozens of animation services listed on the search results page. Go to the websites of these companies to learn about the service features and prices offered by the company. This way you can easily find a quality animation company in your area. Make sure you obtain 2-3 estimates from different video production companies before selecting the best company for your project. It will help you compare the services offered by these companies and their prices.


Designing Your Companies Website

Essential elements of UX Web design

The internet age has seen thousands of success stories ever since we were introduced to the World Wide Web. Amazon was one of the first ecommerce websites that came up around the time when internet was introduced. Once smartphones came into being, Facebook as founded and it took over the social media by a storm. But if you look deeper, you will come across the reason why these firms made such a big name for themselves. Facebook has approximately 25 billion registered users which include people from all age groups. There are lots of reasons why these websites totally dominated ever since they were launched. More and more people started visiting internet on a daily basis, just to check their Facebook status and gradually, social media became a habit of every household. It cannot be luck only since a good enterprise will prosper only when its ideas have been carefully planned, so that the users and visitors can have a positive experience on these sites. Now there are certain elements that are imperative to successful UX design. Let us highlight them one by one. Though if you’re interested in getting started and developing these types of websites right now you should give a try as they have some great hands-on tutorials.

Elements for successful UX design

A successful UX designer will always keep four elements in mind without which, the final output will never be satisfying. These elements are adaptability, usability, value and desirability.

How To Design Your Website

Designing Websites That Work Across Devices

  • There is fierce rivalry among websites and a poorly designed website might just cost you lots of customers. The first look of your website has to strike an immediate chord with the visitors. A site always needs to maintain a good structure that can make a positive impression and inspire the viewers to interact in a better way. Consider Facebook as the best example since it has totally taken over social media because they decided to go for user-generated content and other additional services such as private messaging. If you’re interested in writing web applications like Instead of creating a platform which keeps the profile page-orientation of users in mind, Facebook gradually turned into the perfect platform where people from all corners of the world can communicate with each other within a matter of seconds and connect better. Nowadays, millions of people stay dependent on Facebook to communicate with their contacts around the world.
  • VALUE:
  • The best way to convert clicks into revenue is to offer value to the visitors. A loyal customer base will play a vital role in escalating the revenue generated through your website. Offering value would mean that your visitors will find your products and services worthy enough to invest into. A thorough market study will give you the type of services that customers are looking for and you can strategize your services according to that. You have to research the factors that bring traffic to websites and you need to consider the demographics thoroughly.

Also, look out for locations from where the traffic is frequent and all these will go a long way into imparting value to your customers. Last but not the least, you need to keep in mind that the user’s value is somewhat the same as that of your own intended value. You should put a retailer into consideration who can offer you the best price along with a complex, but effective payment scheme. The website can be used as a reference point in order to research certain technical specifications, but try to make navigation as simple as possible. Framing strong content for a website is not even a big deal since the way in which you promote your website will determine how much revenue it generates. If your services are valuable, the visitors are the ones who will determine how much valuable they are.

If your business doesn’t have the design it deserves and you still feel like you don’t have the skills to develop what you want you should look into hiring a company to develop the website for you. There is a hamilton web design company we’ve been using for a while called PlayOn Media. They have some great reviews on their Yelp page and regularity release great videos on their YouTube channel.

  • Adaptability means that the content on your website can be easily accessed by the returning as well as new users. Along with bandwidth uses and search engine optimization, your website needs to be mobile-compatible as it will enable more users to visit your website who do not want to use desktop systems. If you are the kind of person who is more hooked to mobile than your desktop computers, then you will realize the importance of the website being available on mobile platform. (Check out for great web designing tips)
  • Desirability is considered to be the driving force for web designers. The desire to come up with a website which will be unique is something that drives web designers to the point where they can think out of the box. You want your website to look relevant and contemporary, which will be highlighted perfectly by a user interface that is dynamic in nature.